・The DMZ at Panmunjom from the North (悲劇の北鮮) 07:18

Added July 11, 2006
From alilameda
It's called the De-Militarizarized Zone (DMZ) even though the place reeks of militarism. In this clip, the Korean Friendship Association, headed by Alejandro Cao De Benos, visits the DMZ on the Northern side of the ceasefire line. Upon sighting some American officers, Alejandro subjects them to his rhetorical fury, constrained only by his lackluster grasp of the English language.

・Pyongyang Traffic Cop (北鮮首都平譲の婦人警官) 00:39

Added August 28, 2006
From admal
One of the few "traffic lights" in Pyongyang moving mechanicaly.

・Life In North Korea (悲劇の北鮮人) 06:54

Added July 06, 2006
From cjnr
report from a foreign journalist in Pyongyang
More information at: http://www.cjnr.info.

・Sanctions against North Korea (悲劇の北鮮人) 04:30

Added July 07, 2006
From cjnr
Kim Jun Il launch missiles and the north korean people dies... a large part of the north korea people are hungry...
some sanctions against north korea YES... against the politicians it will be better... not against the poor people.
More information at: http://www.cjnr.info.

・North Korea (恐怖の北朝鮮) 06:17

Added February 03, 2006
From boobootoo2
My 10 days in a very strange country

・Pyongyang North Korea Part 1 & 2

Part 1.


Part 2.

Added September 21, 2006
From untochables
Pyongyang North Korea