・A Few Of The Many (残虐鮮人の沢山のなかのほんの一部分)

・A Few Of The Many (たくさんのなかのほんの一部分)
Products Of Dog (Cruelty South-Korean).

Its believed all body parts of a dog have excellent nutritional value. It's fur, bones, teeth, foot/toes, brain, heart, liver, bladder, kidney, blood, and saliva. They can all be made into a healthy tonic."
"The dog penis contains an abundance of protein and fat but also the male hormone which can help cure problems of impotence and related sex problems."
Popular Korean belief is that due to the adrenaline rush it creates, the more painful the death, the tastier the meat. Dogs are usually killed by slow hanging, beating (often in combination), electric shock through the tongue, and particularly for cats, drowning in large drums or pounding to death in Hessian sacks. The fur is burned off with a blowtorch, and not necessarily after the animal is dead.
Puppies and kittens have a more "delicate flavor", and are often boiled for broth or "Goyangi-tan" (liquid cat)

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Oh, No! I have a Headache.

Dog soup & Stew in Korea.

Dog Burgers & Dog Rolls in Korea.

Dog Oil Cosmetics in Korea.

Spices & Oils made from Dog in Korea & China.

Chinese spiced dog meat made by Korean.

Fur Coat made by Korean.

Made in Korea Instant Ramen(Instant Noodles) is very common at South Korea.

Common S-Korean just Eating Japanese National Flag.

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・醜いアヒルの子 / 韓国人の伝統的踊り(病身舞)は残酷なること支那も真っ青

Other Sources (All Made by South-Korean);
Digested dogmeat : Dogmeat hydrolyzed by protease
Dogmeat powder : Digested dog meat powder
Dogmeat extract : Water extract of digested dogmeat and medical ingredient
Dogmeat wine : Wine of wax gourd and digested dogmeat fermented by yeast
Dogmeat vinegar : Vinegar of wax gourd and digested dogmeat fermented by Acetobacter
Dogmeat red pepper paste : Red pepper paste fermented with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat soy bean paste : Soy bean paste fermented with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat soy sauce : Soy sauce fermented with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat-red pepper paste pickle : Dogmeat pickled in red pepper paste
Dogmeat Kimchi : Kimchi fermented with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dog intestine sausage : Dog intestine into which blood of dog, vegetable and dogmeat are stuffed
Dogmeat can : Canned dogmeat
Dogmeat noodle : Noodle with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat Chinese noodles : Chinese noodle with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat puree : Puree with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat soup : Soup with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat beverage : Beverage of the dilution of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat mayonnaise : Mayonnaise from vinegar, digested dogmeat, oil and egg
Dog oil mayonnaise : Mayonnaise from vinegar, dog oil and egg
Dogmeat ketchup : Ketchup from the mixture of digested dogmeat, tomato puree
Dogmeat bread : Bread with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat cooky : Cooky with the addition of digested dogmeat
Dogmeat hamburger : Hamburger pad made of dogmeat
Dogmeat cutlet : Cutlet made of dogmeat
Dogmeat ham : Ham made of dogmeat
Dogmeat sausage : Sausage made of dogmeat
Dogmeat cosmetics : Cream, essence and emulsion made from dog oil

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・Wrap Up Warm (人を殺す支那人と韓国人は犬も殺す)Dog in Asia (2 Videos)

・Wrap Up Warm (人を殺す支那人は犬も殺す) 06:32

Added February 27, 2007
From dogsinasia
2 million cats and dogs slaughtered every year for their Fur
Main Fur exporter: China
12 to 15 adult dogs needed to make a dog fur coat
Up to 24 cats needed for cat fur coat
Cat and dog fur also used in hats, gloves, shoes, blankets, stuffed animals and toys
Dog fur sometimes labelled as: Gae-wolf, sobaki, Asian jackal, goupee, loup d'Asie, Corsac fox, dogues du Chine, or simply fake or exotic fur
Cat fur sometimes labelled as: house cat, wild cat, katzenfelle, rabbit, goyangi, mountain cat
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・Korean Dog Breeding Farm (Pedigree Breeds) (犬より怖い下賎な韓国人は人間も虐待する)03:08
Added February 27, 2007
From dogsinasia
The Korean authorities have claimed that the only dogs eaten there are the native "yellow dog" specially bred for the purpose.
On 27th June 2004, SBS TV News broadcast a video secretly filmed at a Korean dog meat market. Although it is in Korean, the images speak for themselves. This video proves that pedigree dogs are bred for fur & food, in the video it shows a breeding farm with Golden Retriever, Spaniels and more.
visit ・Dogs in Asia for more infp.
(End of petition: 31 january 2007)

To President Roh Moo-Hyun Korean President(韓国大統領:ロームヒョン宛て)
Blue House(青瓦台)
1 Sejongno, Jongno-gu Seoul, South Korea 110-050 Republic of Korea

Dear President Roh Moo-Hyun,
I am appalled to learn that the Korean Government is planning to introduce a policy on the hygienic control of dog meat. This will only pave a way towards a legal means of doing business for the illegal dog meat trade and greatly encourage the consumption of dog meat. I am genuinely distressed when I think of the devastating effect that this policy will have on countless loving Korean dogs and cats that are already dying in the millions every year. This is the result of the government's total failure to either close down the dog meat restaurants or educate the public about the fraudulent health claims responsible for the senseless and shameful slaughter of these animals.
Government officials have, by their own admission, acknowledged that this is an unpopular move and have admitted there is no consensus, and certainly no mandate from the Korean public to further legitimize the dog meat trade. Why the government should be seeking to appease a small minority of dog-eaters is therefore beyond anyone's comprehension. If the Korean government is truly committed - as it claims - to reduce animal abuse, then it should stop immediately all measures designed to legitimize dog meat consumption. Instead, it should incorporate all dogs and cats within the definition of "companion animals", and then do everything it can to strengthen and especially enforce the existing animal protection law. No-one will be fooled by the Korean government paying lip-service to the idea of animal protection whilst simultaneously attempting to legalize the vile trade in dog meat.
Dogs and cats are not a main source of food in Korea, like cows or chickens, few Koreans eat them for any reason other than for fraudulent health benefits. They have much more in common with bears and tigers who's body parts are also sold in another illegal and shameful industry. The dog meat trade is an industry based upon consumer fraud and cruelty to animals. It is your duty to protect both animals and consumers from this illegal industry by enforcing the law and educating the public.
As President, you have power to stop your government's unfortunate and ill-judged attempts to legalize the dog meat trade. Failure to do so will bring about the greatest shame yet upon your country and even more misery to millions of Korean animals.

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