・Worm (気持ち悪い虫を引っこ抜く手術) 00:31

Added August 12, 2006
From fonprikoll
most disgusting video to hit YouTube yet. Actual footage of a solitair worm in a person's bowels.
Category Science & Technology

・Tetra Vaal (Third World Robocop) (ロボットが現実世界) 01:20

Added July 04, 2006
From fabiangonzalez
What if...
This video features a newl What if...
This video features a newly developed robotic cop patrolling the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. Well, not really.
This is actually a spec corporate video created by Neill Blomkamp of The Embassy Digital Effects Inc. for a fictional company named Tetra Vaal.
It is one of the best digital effects that I've seen in a long time. Enjoy.

・Cocoon (Music Box) (不思議な音楽) 03:06

Added July 17, 2006
From hebertvs
Björk Cocoon Music Box

・Bjork on Johnny Vaughan Show 09:53

Added April 26, 2006
From Neonhunter
Bjork appears on a talk show to discuss her Vespertine album and Iceland.
Category Entertainment
Tags Bjork Iceland Johnny Vaughan Vespertine

・Bjork Cocoon (乳房から赤い糸がどんどん出てくる奇妙な動画) 04:33

Added October 12, 2006
From vokuro85
Cocoon Music Video