・THE GANDY DANCER'S BALL - Frankie Laine 02:07

Added October 29, 2006
From littleshoemaker
A top 20 sheet music hit in Britain. From the Parisian leg of Laine's 1954 World Tour.

・Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons - Dawn (Go Away) 2 Videos

Added November 01, 2006
From xyzmikey
A Very Good Live Version Of The Classic 1964 Top 10 Song. This Clip Is From The Early 1980's When Frankie Could Still Hit The High Notes Pretty Well.

Added October 03, 2006
From MikeyD53
Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons singing 'December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)' in the studio.

・The Four Seasons: Joe Long on Bass & Back-Up Vocals 02:34

Added November 13, 2006
From drmstout
Joe Long is the only member of the Four Seasons not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Despite his extensive contributions to The Four Seasons, Joe Long remains the only member of the group's "definitive line up" not inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, most likely because he was not one of groups "founders" in 1962. Much controversy still exists over this questionable decision, especially in light of the many top-10 hits the group had during his tenure.

・Johnny Cymbal - Mr. Bass Man 01:52

Added December 04, 2006
From lowlights
Johnny Cymbal, at 1980 Writers in the Round, sings his 1960 hit "Mr. Bass Man." As it was 1980, we must forgive the mullet.

・Johnny Tillotson - Poetry in motion 02:16

Added November 11, 2006
From chary131151
La conocimos a principios de los 60 por el Dúo Dinámico como "Poesía en movimiento".
Tags Clásicas Años 60s nostalgia

・Final Fantasy 8 - Poetry In Motion (Johnny Tillotson) (Animation)02:29

Added June 15, 2006
From MrRomanticSmartGuy
Final Fantasy 8 feat. "Poetry In Motion" (Johnny Tillotson)
To live in celibacy must not mean that you can't admire women. *g*.
Tags Final Fantasy

・Helen Shapiro - "Sometime Yesterday" another 2 Video

Added November 26, 2006
From chriscanary
Helen Shapiro sings "Sometime Yesterday" from some 1960s british teen/rock n'roll film.

Added November 26, 2006
From chriscanary
British singer sings My Guy

Added December 05, 2006
From snapshotofmountain
music / helen shapiro - till i hear the truth from you.

・Ricky Nelson - Young World 01:46

Added June 22, 2006
From redhaio
Ricky performs Young World

・Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou 02:02

Added May 29, 2006
From redhaio
Ricky Nelson video clip.

・Lesley Gore 02:19

Added September 18, 2006
From lovesretro
Lesley Gore singing "Hey Now"

・Kiss Me Sailor - Diane Renay with Eddie Rambeau (Navy Blue) 03:45

Added June 20, 2006
From Tuggle
Diane Renay and Eddie Rambeau perform a duet on her sixties hit.
Tags Diane Renay 60s

・台視 鄧麗君專輯 1977 ~~ English medley (Speedy Gonzalez Etc.) 06:00

Added July 21, 2006
From stunningnuts
Teresa sings a English medley; songs from the 60s. Really nice.
Pat Boone - Speedy Gonzalez
Engelbert Humperdinck - Oh Carol
Cascades - Listen To The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain
Kathy Linden - Heartache At Sweet Sixteen
Eddie Hodges - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
Connie Francis - Lipstick On Your Collar.

・Shirley Bassey & Eydie Gorme: Watch What Happens 01:04

Added November 20, 2006
From nouhcs52
This short duet is part of a medley, sung in Cannes, France, in 1982, along with Jack Jones, Vic Damone and other great performers. When two giant singers meet, "watch (and listen) what happens"!.
Tags Shirley Bassey Eydie Gorme

・Eydie Gorme and Trio Los Panchos - 1964 05:58

Added October 12, 2006
From MusicOnTV
Eydie sings some tunes from her hit album she just recorded with the legendary Trio Los Panchos.
Tags Eydie Gorme Trio Los Panchos

・Eydie Gorme hauls off and belts "Johnny One Note" - 1959 02:38

to MusicOnTVAdded September 24, 2006
From MusicOnTV
Check out this fantastic vocal combined with an exciting arrangement... this is probably still reverberating out in space somewhere... this is a black and white kine of a color program - can you imagine how it must've looked and sounded when it aired live?!.
Tags Eydie Gorme

・Mina & A. Celentano _ Parole parole _ 1972 02:25

Added November 05, 2006
From swan5043
Parodistic interpretation of this popu Parodistic interpretation of this popular duet with Mina taking on the speaking role whereas Adriano Celentano sings Mina's original musical phrases with an intentionally ironical text .
At the words " caramelle non ne voglio più" " don't want anymore sweets" , he takes off his pocket a handful of sweets and throws them away.
Tags mina mazzini adriano celentano ferrio lupo alberto parole

・rita pavone (Medley) 04:01

Added October 11, 2006
From nico2203
cuore e datemi un martello live on stage 1960s.
Tags rita pavone cuore datemi un martello stage1960s

・Sanremo 69 Rita Pavone (Zucchero) 03:19

Added November 09, 2006
From dg290659
Rita Pavone-Zucchero
Tags sanremo 69 Rita Pavone

・Bobby Solo "Una lacrima sul viso" 1964 (ほほにかかる涙),another 1 Video

Added November 16, 2006
From skorpion2006
Beautiful classic song, eliminated with scandal in Sanremo Festival 1964 cause Bobby sang it in playback against competition's rules, but bestseller that year: 1.700.000 copies in Italy, record!
Here from a TV show in 1964.
Gigliola Cinquetti and Francoise Hardy watch Bobby's exhibition.
________________"Una lacrima sul viso"___
"Da una lacrima sul viso
ho capito molte cose
dopo tanti tanti mesi
ora so cosa sono per te.
Una lacrima e un sorriso
m'han svelato il tuo segreto
che sei stata innamorata di me
ed ancora lo sei.
Non ho mai capito
non sapevo che - che tu, che tu
tu mi amavi ma, - come me,
non trovavi mai
il coraggio di dirlo, ma poi...
Quella lacrima sul viso
è un miracolo d'amore
che si avvera in questo istante per me
che non amo che te."

Tags bobby solo una lacrima sul viso italy italia 1964 canzone italiana

Added November 09, 2006
From dg290659
Bobby solo-Zingara
The winner song that Bobby solo-Zingara
The winner song that year.
Tags sanremo 69 Bobby solo zingara

・Clif Richard - live ( by vilas boas ) 04:35

Added November 23, 2006

・Little Anthony and the Imperials sing Hurt So Bad 1965 02:22

Added November 20, 2006
From azstheman
From 1965-1966, NBC aired the variety show "Hullabaloo". In this 1965 clip, Little Anthony and the Imperials perform their smash hit "Hurt So Bad".
Tags Hullabaloo Little Anthony and

・Diana Ross & Supremes - Stop In The Name Of Love 02:47

Added July 25, 2006
From RudeGirl09
Diana Ross & Supremes - Stop In The Name Of Love
Música de los años 60's 70's.
Tags northern soul

・Joanie Sommers - Don't Pity Me 02:49

Added July 28, 2006
From innercalm
Classic clip (1965), this is particularly brilliant as she is singing a live vocal over the instrumental backing track. Have done in fairly low quality as it's just a test.

・Woo Wop Del Vikings - whispering bells 02:32

Added October 11, 2006
From Christkindl
live 00
Tags doo wop del vikings whispering bells

・Del Shannon - Runaway (1965) (Near Original)02:15

Added June 30, 2006
From ylv677
Del Shannon - Runaway (1965)

・Brian Hyland - Sealed with a kiss 1962 02:26

Added March 16, 2006
From chopwin
Video for Brian Hyland's version of Sealed with a kiss from 1962.
Tags brian hyland sealed kiss sixties oldies

・Connie Francis - Mama (Live) 03:10

Added November 08, 2006
From lantam

・Connie Francis - stupid cupid, lipstick on your collar 05:12

Added November 08, 2006
From lantam

・Connie Francis - Who's Sorry Now 02:34

Added June 02, 2006
From redhaio
Connie Francis performs.
Tags connie francis whos sorry now

・Little Eva - the Locomoton 02:14

Added October 24, 2006
From Christkindl
colour clip

・Loco-Motion (Song by Little Eva) 02:17

Added October 02, 2006
From yjonesy
Lyric Only.
Nice Blu Screen With The "Loco-Motion" lyric!

・Kylie Minogue - The Loco-Motion (Live In Majorca) 02:50

02:50Added May 01, 2006
From KaneW
An old Kylie performance in Majorca, Spain in 1988.

・Pop & Politics in the 20th Century 06:20

Added October 04, 2006
From koyannq
For hire as music video editor---kiowa2006@yahoo.com
People, places, bombs, politicians, dancers, cars, swing, military, nuclear, girls, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, reagan.

・ALMA COGAN Hello Young Lovers 02:36

Added September 13, 2006
From AlmaCogan
Hello Young Lovers

・ALMA COGAN Dixie Melody 02:14

Added September 13, 2006
From AlmaCogan
Dixie Melody

・In the middle of the house by Alma Cogan 02:08

Added October 21, 2006
From 78MAN
Released by His Master's Voice in 1956

・I can't tell a waltz from a tango by Alma Cogan 02:25

Added September 05,2006
From 78MAN
Released by His Masters Voice in 1954

・ALMA COGAN - Got'N Idea 02:51

Added October 29, 2006
From littleshoemaker
Alma sings her single Got'N Idea in glorious Technicolour. Taken from the Eric Winstone Bandshow.