・ROH, Moo Hyun, South Korean President and Korean People 00:47

ROH, Moo Hyun, South Korean President and Korean People

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This is the scene from Japanese TV program at Prime time, and this TV program has popularity among Japanese. Korean people's character are utterly different from Japanese people's. Korean often break promise without hesitation...and they often tell lies, but they don't have sense of sin at all. We Japanese should not trust Korean people. They do any dirty thing in order to accomplish their own goal. It is very dangerous to trust Korean people. One journalist talked, "Moo Hyun is abnormal president. He told lies and He has been cheating Korean people. 3 days before also, he said Japan has been behaving for South Korea like the boss. We Korean have been thinking our boss is China. What!? This is surprising lie." and another Assembly member in the Diet answered, "I agree. It is certain that ROH, Moo Hyun is abnormal president."

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