・PHOTOS OF NANKING MASSACRE (出鱈目嘘八百の支那人) 12:12

Added November 20, 2006
All of photographs that China offered as All of photographs that China offered as evidences of Nanking Massacre turned out either fake or fabricated. Number of photographs is 143 in total. Now that it turned out that these 143 pieces of photographs are not valid as evidence of Nanking Massacre. It is natural that we should doubt whether Nanking Massacre happened actually. This is common sense for all of us in the world. I suppose that Most Chinese will object as follows, "So many people saw Nanking Massacer then. They are witness!"...Please understand the difference between Testimony and Evidence. Testimony cannot become Evidence. Testimony can tell a lie, but Evidence cannot tell a lie. In order to insist on the existence of Nanking Massacre, China must offer true evidence. ... (more) (less)
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