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UFO Mexican Air Force Chase UFOs

Added April 10, 2006
From chemkook
Probably the one of the best chase scenes of a UFO ever recorded. This happened on March 5, 2004 and was broadcast on TV around the world. The video was taped over the Campeche region at around 11,480 feet. At least one crew member testified in a videotaped interview that the objects encircled the military jet at a distance of at least two miles. The pilots spotted the objects while conducting a routine drug-surveillance mission. Only three of the objects showed up on the plane's radar. Infrared equipment can only detect heat emanating from objects. It is unable to provide an image of the objects' exact forms. Defense Secretary Gen. Ricardo Vega Garcia gave the videotape to UFO specialist Jaime Maussan.

Maussan claimed the videotape was evidence that flying saucers exist. The video was especially significant since it was provided by the military, he said. "This is historic news," Maussan said. "Hundreds of videos [of UFOs] exist, but none had the backing of the armed forces of any country. ... The armed forces don't perpetuate frauds."

But Vega denied Wednesday that the military had made any conclusions about where the lights came from or whether they were UFOs.

"This is Maussan's point of view, for that reason he was given [the video] so that he could draw his own conclusions," Vega told W Radio. "But that is his version." Vega said he decided to release the videotape to the scientific community for study after determining it did not pose a threat to national security.

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