・North Korean Spy Ship VS Japan Coast Guard (下賎な賎人の賎国艦 VS 高貴な日本自衛艦) 11:42

Added March 04, 2006
From tankfan
Korean Spy Ship VS Japan Coast Guard.The Battle of the east china sea. A North Korean Spy ship got into Japanese territorial waters.A Japanese coast guard chased it. They ignored the order to stop.Though a warning shot was given, a North Korean ship didn't stop. Therefore a patrol boat tried to embark on their ship. A North Korean soldier attacked a Japanese patrol boat by the weapon a heavy machine gun, a AK rifle and RPG7. Then, some patrol boats counterattacked a North Korean ship. As for the North Korean soldier, it worked 【 the suicidal explosion device 】 to avoid becoming a prisoner.About ten members of the crew killed themselves in all of the members.
December 22.2001.

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