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イタリア・ミラノ市民大迷惑、交通違反の中国人が、警官を殴り暴 動に発展
A... イタリア・ミラノ市民大迷惑、交通違反の中国人が、警官を殴り暴動に発展。
ANSA通信によると、イタリア・ミラノの中国人街で12日、 交通違反で摘発された中国人女性が警官に抵抗したことをきっかけに、周辺の中国人店主 ら200-300人と警官隊のもみ合いに発展、双方にけが人が出て5人が救急車で 運ばれた。
ミラノでは中国人の数が過去約20年で激増。中国人街の道路が混雑し、 警察当局が最近、取り締まりを強化していた。

レプブリカ紙によると、違法駐車をし、商品の積み降ろしをして反則切符を 切られた女性が、女性警官に殴りかかり、すぐに中国人が集まって抗議を始めた。 一部は路上の車をひっくり返し気勢を上げた。 現場に駆け付けた中国外交官は「この2カ月間、中国人は強い圧力を受けており、 今日の出来事は偶然ではない」と話し、警察による中国人への規制強化が原因とした。
MILAN, April 12 (Reuters) - Italian riot police clashed with hundreds of Chinese merchants in Milan on Thursday, after scuffles broke out over traffic controls in the city's busy Chinatown.

Officials said 14 police were injured and two cars were destroyed as protesters threw plastic bottles and rubbish bins at police armed with batons.

It was not clear how many protesters were injured but television footage showed several wounded.

Waving Chinese flags and placards reading "Stop violence and abuse against the Chinese community", at least 400 merchants and residents later staged a sit-in on the neighbourhood's main street, bringing traffic to a standstill.

"You just want to send away the Chinese population," one protester shouted at a police officer. "Where is Italy's humanity?"

Officials said the protest started when traffic police, who want to tighten control of commercial traffic in the area full of wholesale clothing stores, fined a driver and took away his licence because he was carrying merchant goods in a private car.

"It is not right for a violation of road regulations to cause this," Milan's mayor Letizia Moratti told a news conference. "This cannot be justified."

Protesters complained of police violence, with some saying one had been hit with the butt of a pistol. Milan's deputy mayor denied this.

Residents have repeatedly complained about the noise and traffic, urging city officials to find a more suitable location for the wholesale distributors.

The outburst sparked reaction from some political groups who called for tougher controls on immigration.

"We have seen the first real revolt by foreigners, if it continues they will do whatever they want ... and put into place the laws they want," outspoken right-wing Northern League senator Roberto Calderoli said in a statement.
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・醜い支那人/中国人は世界中に散らばって悪いことを働く害虫である、イタリアの場合。(中日対訳記事) (iza blog/kay)。

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