・Virginia Tech School Shooting (7 Videos) (下賎な韓國人は気違いでもある)

・The Secret Virginia Tech School Shooting Video

Added April 17, 2007
From citrusrum
The Secret Virginia Tech School Shooting Video.

・Virginia Tech School Shooting Video 01:15
Added April 16, 2007
From AcePuppers
Video captured from a cell phone camera, shows police firing at an unknown gunman on the campus of Virginia Tech.

The video was taken by Jamal Albarghouti with his cell phone and posted to CNN i-Report.
Pray for those who lost there family and friends as well as those who are still injured and to have a safe and speedy recovery!

・Virginia Tech School Shooting Phone Vid Jamal Albarghouti VA 01:21
Added April 16, 2007
From ginirosaru
this is a CNN report showing jamal albarghouti's cell phone video of the virginia tech school shootings

・Virginia Tech Victim Describes Shooter 03:29
Added April 16, 2007
From CaughtOnMe
Shocking news from Virginia Tech, where at least 21 are dead following a shooting rampage this morning. The gunman is dead, according to university police chief Wendell Flinchum, who said that some of the victims were shot in a classroom.

Some 20 students were killed at the campus' Norris Hall, home of Virginia Tech's electical engineering department, where shooting commenced at about 9:15 a.m. Two hours earlier, however, a 911 call came from West Ambler Johnston Hall, a dormitory some distance from Norris Hall. At least one person was killed there, with several injured.

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・Virginia Tech Shootings - Cell Phone Reporter from VT Campus 10:03
Added April 17, 2007
From orangefu
The question of whethe... http://fyi6.com
The question of whether or not this was a Black Op is not formulated without merit or inside any kind of intellectual vacuum.
A long history of proven intelligence operations, including school shootings, precedes this latest example of what could be another stepped-up effort to overthrow a cornerstone of our founding documents and what has helped to keep this country free - the right to bear and keep arms - the GOD-given right of self-defense and the defense of loved ones against the insane, against criminals, and perhaps again in this case - a controlled operative. If so, it's just another example of creating a crisis, managing the reaction, and forcing a false solution to gain control. Hegel's Dialectic: Thesis, Anti-thesis, Sythesis - or - Problem, Reaction, Solution.

・Virginia Tech Shooting Video Montage 07:54
Added April 17, 2007
From IceAdmin
This is a video montage of the shooting that took place on the campus of Virginia Tech on April 16 which took the lives of 32 people. RIP.

・Re: Virginia Tech School Shooting Video 03:06
Added April 16, 2007
From jplages
This explains it all.

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