・China's Cruelty Culture: Dogs and Cats (Ultra Cruelty) 05:09

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支那大陸の中国人は野蛮で残酷な獣である。Look at Beast Chink.

Torture = Taste according to SOME Chinese in remote parts of South China, it is commonly believed in these areas that this is true, i.e. the more an animal suffers the better the taste of the final product. Due to this incorrect theory, animals are routinely hacked to pieces, skinned and boiled alive in an attempt to add flavour. Whilst some countries in Asia such as Hong Kong, the Philippines and Taiwan have banned the practice of dog eating, evidence shows that in China, the biggest dog eating country in the world, it continues to thrive. It is estimated that up to 10 million dogs are slaughtered every year in China, many deliberately slowly and cruelly in the belief that "torture equals taste", whilst all suffer the stress and pain of being farmed in concentrated numbers before being killed in a variety of ways which rarely ensures a quick and humane death. For more information or to pledge your support, visit http://www.animalsasia.org/ To demand Justice, visit
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