・Mahathir "jokes" about bombing Singapore (Malaysian) 01:23

Added June 29, 2006
From worshipper999
Ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed on war using F-18s and Russian Migs.....was he joking or serious ?.

Referenced as below;
Ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed said in a speech recently:

"...(the) MIGs are given, are sold to us without any condition, if you feel like bombing Singapore, for example, the Russians are not going to object.


Any Singaporeans here? Or ex-Singaporeans?"

Dr M continues in the later part of the speech:

...but this great aircraft called F-18, which we bought from America, after buying it, after several months, I got to know that this aircraft cannot be used for any attacks against any country, even if this is not Singapore.

Upon watching this video clip on Youtube, a Malaysian friend of ours said, "Every country has its Bush."

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