・Alert! Rat poison in pet food boycott China K9 Killers! 10:02 (支那人は詐欺師の天才である)

・Alert! Rat poison in pet food boycott China K9 Killers! 10:02

Added: March 23, 2007
From: goneviral69

Flash! Rat poison (aminopterin) has been discovered in pet foods distributed by Menu Foods of Canada. The tainted pet food can cause kidney failure and death in cats and dogs and cases of poisoned pets have started popping up all across the nation. It is now believed that the ingredients used in the poisoned pet food originated in China, a nation ruled by a communist dictatorship which exploits its own people and is natorious for the mass murder and killing of dogs!

Why the hell are we using products made in China to make dog food in America? This is wrong! This is being done only because such products are cheaper and of lower quality than products made in the United States! This should stop immediately!

I urge all Americans to begin a boycott of products made in China immediately. The discovery of rat poison in pet food in America made from ingredients that originated in China is one more reason we should boycott all products made in China which use cheap, slave-wage labor and do not have the high standards of products made in America. This may also explain why in recent years cases of lymphoma in dogs and cats have skyrocketed! In China usage of insecticides, herbicides and poisonous chemical substances in not regulated like in the United States, so harmful chemicals may be in pet foods causing cancer and other illness. Hence the rat poison in pet food may only be the tip of the iceburge!

The rat poisoned pet food has already killed many cats and dogs in America. In China they don't care because in China they mass murder dogs and even eat dogs! It is terrible that we do not regulate the production of dog and cat food in America. We should no longer permit the import of tainted products from China, be they tainted by rat poison or are produced through the exploitation of people!

Actually this is only the tip of the iceburg! The hurt and harm being done by using products made in China is astronomical in proportions. China is ruled by an inhumane communist dictatorship which exploits its people and by participating in unregulated trade with China we are participating in and enabling that exploitation. Now it has come back to hurt us in the gut by killing our pets in America -- by killing man's best friend!

I ask every patriotic American to stand with me and boycott China. Please visit Boycott China K-9 killers and join the movement to stop the killing of dogs in China, and the indirect killing of dogs in America by pet food that is poisoned with rat poison!

Boycott China http://www.byteland.org/boycottchina/...

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